Welcome to a Good Recruitment Company

Good Recruitment was founded on the belief that not all agencies had to be the same. Fed up with an industry full of poor practices from businesses that only care about making the biggest commission from clients and recruiters who push people to take jobs, even when it isn’t the best move for them.

We decided to be the change our co-founders wanted to see.

Good. provide an executive service to companies and candidates alike, ensuring an end-to-end recruitment experience, as an extension of in-house talent and HR functions.

We strive to be experts within our chosen verticals and work hard to understand the industry, people and businesses we work with, from early stage start-ups and scale-ups through to global industry giants.

Our goal is to consistently maintain a complete applicant journey. This includes consultative direction and advice to job seekers and, of course, feedback at every stage of the recruitment process.

We outperform generalist suppliers on virtually all the requirements we undertake and are regularly awarded exclusive business from our clients as a result.

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